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The Apothecary Candle


 "Make it simple, yet significant." Don Draper. 

We've stripped our design back to basics. Simple, yet effective. Clean lines, nothing jazzy to distract from what these candles provide - earthy fragrance and candle glow. 

The romantic light and glow from a candle can enhance the space and set the mood, whether it's for the bathroom (bathing by candlelight - there is no other luxury!) or to fill another space and say, I've cleaned the house make sure you don't TOUCH ANYTHING. 

Whatever you have to say, say it with candles. 

A traditional apothecary-shaped glass but elegant and sophisticated with its delicate structure and black lid. Vintage-inspired apothecary labels and the most grounding scents in 3 categories; earthy, citrus, and floral.