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FAQs and other candle Tips!

Like all Candle lovers, The Little Flame Co wants you to get the best value out of your candle and below are some FAQ's and burning tips to help you along the way. 

How long do I burn my candles for?

Up to 4-5 hours at a time, otherwise the ceramic/glass/plastic can overheat and by doing so heats the wax quicker in the jar and it will not last as long as the suggested time frame. Your wick will also begin to mushroom and burn hotter and heat the candle more than recommended. Be aware that overheating ceramic and glass can cause them to become brittle and possible cracking can occur. 

Why do I need to trim my wick before lighting?

Trimming your wick will allow the candle to burn at the recommended and safe temperature. If it is not trimmed after some time it will mushroom (the curling and black mounds at the top of our wick) resulting in it burning hotter, debris will dirty the wax, it will begin to release soot and you will burn it quicker than the suggested time frame. 

Why do I have black soot coming from my wick?

Please see previous point regarding wick trimming and burn time.

Why does my jar have black soot around the sides and how can I get rid of it?

You have most likely done one if not all of the following;

* Burnt longer than the recommended time frame of up to 4hrs at a time

* Not trimmed your wick prior to burning and leaving it to continue burning for a period of time

* Had debri/dirt/dust in your wax

Why should I burn my new candle for 4-5 hours on the first burn?

4 hours is recommended, candles create a memory so if you are burning it in short periods of time it will begin to tunnel and not reach the outsides of the jar, leaving residue around the sides and wasted wax and fragrance. If you burn initially for up to 4 hours or until the wax pools to the sides of the jar (the top layer is completely liquid or as close as possible) the candle memory will continue to burn like so, throughout the remainder of your jar. 

I haven't burnt my candle like above, and its tunnelling, how do I save it?

Burn for as long as possible to create a wax pool, the ceramic or glass will heat the jar melting the wax, remove the warmed wax from the sides (remove completely or pile wax into liquid pool) and continue to monitor as it burns. Sometimes the wax will overwhelm the wick and you can pour the melted wax from the jar to allow the wick to heat more and melt the wax (removal of wax in sink is not recommended) you can also leave it slightly longer than the recommended 1/4 inch in this instance to heat the residue wax. As it burns the container will heat and burn the wax down.

If you have further issues, please contact  

How do I remove the black soot and remainder wax from my jar once I can no longer burn it?

Warm soapy water will remove it all. Ceramic and Glass jars are best handwashed, they are not dishwasher safe. 

If you require refills, please deliver as is, we will clean them for you!

I have black soot on my walls from where my candle was burning next to it - why? how to I remove it?

Firstly, burn candles away from walls and anything flammable. The soot is extremely hard to remove and at this point, apart from painting or replacement, we are unsure of a method to remove it completely. 

Only burn for 4 hours at a time, and trim your wicks. If you have done this and its still sooting, we suggest you burn elsewhere, droughts can effect the quality of your candle also.

I received my online order and its broken - what can I do?

Please contact us immediately upon the arrival of your order if it is either damaged or broken. Depending on the courier or handling company, there is a short time frame to claim, if you could please provide all the delivery details as well as photos (as many as possible) for us to begin a claim process. 

The claim process can take time, however we will keep you informed of the process throughout each step and upon confirmation from the Claim Department will replace your order.

If you have placed an order and it has yet to be delivered, please contact the courier provider with the delivery information that has been sent to your chosen email address. 

Unfortunately upon dispatch we are limited as to how much we can help however will do our best during the claim process. It is important to always email for all enquiries or issues and not via social channels as we do not always have access to those. 

Other Shipping Information

  • We no longer have Authority to Leave. Signature is required on ALL parcels. If you wish to redirect your parcel this can be done via the third party shipping notification sent directly to your stated email upon time of order.

  • We take no liability or responsibility for missing or lost parcels. Please contact the courier via notification sent directly to your email address.

  • Refund of any order is less the shipping cost.


Contact Us:

We have several platforms for contact; email, website or Instagram but please note the best and most reliable form of contact is via email - or 

We no longer use Facebook as a form of contact and will be closing it down in 2019 to better serve you via our website and Instagram.  

I want to place a custom order - how do I do that?

We love custom orders! please contact to discuss your requirements and place an order. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible regarding the details needed, payment information and expected turn around. 

Personalising candles and labels is such fun, we love to help you! Label proofing is required and at a cost of $5 per proof, which is purchasable via the website OR we can invoice you separately. 

At all times when placing a custom order, please provide us with ALL the relevant information required, scent, jar type and colour, label requirements, your details and most importantly, your relevant and current address. In doing so, your order will be made quicker and help the ease of process. 

Custom orders generally require invoice payment, you will receive an invoice via email once confirmation has been made. Invoices are strictly 7 days and production will not commence on the order until payment is made. If you require an order urgently please be aware of this and you will be given an estimate time turn around at the time of initial contact. 

Tell me more about the refill process - payments, turn around, where I can pick up?

Refills are a great way of re-using your old and empty candle jars, we accept ALL candle jars, not just those we use, but other brands as well. 

Please note regarding jars;

* If the jars have cracks or chips, we are unable to refill due to heat variances it will either crack further OR leak resulting in mess and damage. You will be informed if so. 

* We only refill in candle jars or thicker glass jars (old re-urposed wine bottles for example) if the glass is too fine it can overheat and cause cracking and or shattering of the glass. It's best to stick to heatproof thicker glass jars. 

* We do our best to clean gently and remove old soot marks if any, and sometimes paint is removed from jars in the process. 

* At times, we have not had the opportunity to test burn certain jars from other brands - such as Dusk for example. It is our intention and due diligence to provide you a candle that burns well and value for money, but we cannot guarantee every candle jar will burn as thus. We wick jars to certain measurements and requirements at the best of our ability.

* LEAVE ALL THE FUSS TO US - upon dropping off your jars, all you need to do is bundle them up, no need to clean as its apart of our service, we'll do all the work!

We are now only taking refills directly at The Little Candle Studio in Goulburn. 

In your jar bundle, indicate what scents in which jars you'd like, leave you name, email and phone number and we will be in contact once we've measured with price, invoice and payment details and also when we will have them returned for pick up. Easy as that.

Please note:

* If your payment hasn't been received before the delivery date, we will withhold your order until the next delivery date and payment has been received.

* PICK UP ONLY - we are no longer shipping refills out directly and our regular Canberra Delivery Run has ceased as of February 2019 - unfortunately we are unable to service the delivery/pick up run but will happily arrange for refills directly at the Studio. 

* Payments can be made by direct deposit or credit card via invoice

* If you request a fragrance that is not on our list (be it from samples, testers or discussions) there is likely a wait period for it to come in and we will advise you of such. 

We are currently booked out for refills until May 2019. Please contact us at for further information.