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Create those moments of ritual, calm, relaxation and cosiness for those searching for beautifully individual soy candles that are worth coming home to.

Small batch, hand-blended and poured coconut soy candles packaged in our signature canisters or thoughtfully picked modern matte black votives with etched timber lids.

Made in Goulburn, NSW in our home-studio since 2012 each The Little Flame Co Candle is long burning, strong and evenly scented from the first light to the last moments. 









Oh, hai!


I'm Cheyenne; the face and maker behind The Little Flame Co; but not all of the business. Nic; the husband, is involved too, its a kind of family, partnership, partners in crime thing. 

So a few fun facts about me,

1. I hate photos of myself - its a bad habit but I critique myself very harshly yet I am completely aware that I need to be present with my candles and show you the face behind the brand (y'know, like, adult or something), I just don't like to. So instead, I'll make a face or be silly. Because, thats why. 

2. I love to crochet and knit and I have this problem where I like to make ALL the things, so I do, currently I have about 3267 half made work in progresses in my room, behind my beautiful white chair, very conveniently hidden. Don't tell the husband, but I will always buy yarn. Always.

3. I am an introvert. I love to be home, surrounded by all the yarn and books, all the plants, my family of course (3 children, 1 dog, 1 rabbit and eleventy billion chickens) and most importantly, candles!

At The Little Flame Co, we have been hand-blending soy candles for 7.5 years. Let's just say a hobby to keep my ever over-thinking mind moving, turned into a passion and let me tell you, we are not just another candle brand nor am I just another candle maker. 

I love what I do so much to say that I have this need; to research and understand my craft and process to bring you the best hand made candle available; from the strong scent to the longest burn, I know what is important in a soy candle and I assure you the same principles of a handmade candle are important to me too! So much so, that the knowledge, love, passion and the best ingredient; care - is added into every candle that leaves our studio. 

The Little Flame Co have what is almost 2 years ago, moved into a studio (renovated site shed, watch our renovation video here) in our backyard, where all the magic is created. Over the years, our products have changed in shape and form however the main values and principles have remained. 2019 brings a new era for TLFC. We have spent the better half (ok, lets say a whole because really, its taken much longer than we expected) of 2018 designing, sampling and creating our very own CANISTER! 

These candles have every ounce of passion, dedication and love in them that we can muster. As above, the design process has been handled on every step by Nic and they are hand poured by both Cheyenne and Nic, packaged up and sent out. 

What you will get is the best burn, a strong scent and as I've said, its more than just candles. Its the experience, its the process and its creating moments which is really important. 

We are also very conscious of sustainability - we are small batch only making what we need rather than large manufacturers and over-consuming. Our vessels are re-useable; refill your candles or re-purpose your jars we love both! Less waste is produced by small batch, making to order and if there are any left overs from pouring, we turn them into other products such as tea lights, melts or of course, other candles! 

Recycling is important, so we re-use as MUCH of the already produced bubble wrap as we can and also have goals for 2019 to eliminate the use of plastic. It's definitely the small things that matter so we are in the process of bringing about recyclable packaging!

As always, we are grateful to have you visit our website whether its purely social or to purchase! If you want to know more, particularly behind the scenes, follow along on INSTAGRAM @thelittleflameco 


See you soon X