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The Apothecary Bath Soak


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I can't promise to take your stresses away permanently, nor can I transport you from your house to an exotic Spa in a tropical location (though it sounds NICE doesn't it?!) but what I CAN do is give you 15-30 minutes of pure de-stress (even if it is at home) and relaxation, along with this soak comes permission to play music loudly and lock the bathroom door.

Epsom Soaks are known to improve health and relieve stress, but who needs an excuse to soak in a bath for 30 minutes several times a week?! NOT ME! 

With Lavender and Bicarb Soda for extra detoxifying and cleansing properties, and of course relaxation! A sprinkle of a few lavender buds, because PRETTY but not too much for you to have to clean your bath afterwards. 

Soak your aches pains and stress away with the newest addition to our apothecary line, Bath Soak. 

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