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Scent Samplers - Floral Family


Welcome to a new era of scent journey. The large tea lights are the most valuable and effective way to learn about The Little Flame Co scents but also for you to embark on your scent journey with us. 

This listing is for individual purchase however you can find packs of tea lights within their scent family OR bundles of each of the 4 scent families. 

10 hours burn time EACH these tea lights give you the best possible understanding of the scents we blend and create candles as well as a candle to burn and enjoy on your journey. 

The floral family is made up of many of the most popular scents and is one of the broader families being made up of simple scent profiles to more complex - singular floral notes, or multiple blends. 

Have you taken the scent map test? click here for your own free download to help you on your way!

Due to the complexity of the fragrance designs, the scents fall under various sub-family categories such as Floral/Woody, Floral/Green, Floral/Aldehyde etc.