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Reed Diffuser


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You know that feeling? that feeling of once you have put all the kids in the car, collected all yours and their belongings, got the car started, commenced the trip only to have something niggle at you, as if you have forgotten something... you've counted the kids and they are all there, its not the cat because you don't own one and the dog was fine as he watched us go, oh no! I left the candle burning in the bathroom or on the mantle! 

It's not like that with reed diffuser's. There they sit and release scent through the rattan sticks and you can smell it as your in the room, sometimes you can even flip your reeds to make it stronger, you can even call it "Flip em Friday" to remember. You can forget them until you can no longer smell them because they have your back. The scent will last approximately 3 months and you don't have to rush home to make sure you blew out the candle. Chances are, after you get home, you've blown it out anyway. 


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