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Persian Lime and Lemongrass Canister Candle


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A personal favourite of Mr TLFC's and very much recommended. A deeper citrus blend than Green Tea and Lemongrass or Coconut Lime and much sweeter. Perfect for pepping up an stale space and for the lovers of a stronger citrus blend. 

Burn Time: 40hrs approx

Top Notes: Lime Zest, Lemon peel

Middle Notes: Lemongrass, Jasmine

Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Rosewood

Scent Strength - 4/5

Scent Category: Fresh

Soy is renewable and sustainable as well as these 2 eco warrior benefits, its a cleaner burn (no harmful toxins such as petroleum oil) it has a lower heating/melting point ----> lowering the risk of burning! and it has a slower burning rate than other waxes which means longer candle time and more value. 

Only premium perfume oils are used that are phthalate free and handcrafted here in Australia. 

Cotton wicks that are naturally coated and LEAD FREE. 

Hand blended soy wax and perfume oil means that you get an even scented burn, all the way through unlike many cheaper brands and paraffin candles, that smell on the first burn and thats it - well not with these candles! 

Burn times are approximates but generally with upkeep and care, you can get much longer - really, who doesn't want that?! Just follow the steps in candle care. 

Our jars and canisters are all recyclable and refillable - more info HERE - we offer refills on any of our products but we don't candle shame at all - if you have another brand jar, we will fill it too!

At The Little Flame Co we love what we do! So much so that we test burn every collection, wax changes and wicks to make sure you are getting a strong scented burn, a great burn and as near perfect as handmade can get!

We LOVE the science of our products and in all industries there are changes, developments and improvements so with this awareness and research we bring you the best value and products through constantly creating and testing but most importantly delving deeper into all things candles to understand our product to the fullest. 

Refills are our passion (apart from creating of course!) and there is so much YES in this process for everyone.

- All jars are welcome

- We clean them for you so leave all that fuss to US!

- Recycle - reuse - repurpose what you already have

The most economical product is one thats already made, you have the jar, let me make it into a candle.