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Matte Black Reed Diffuser


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Welcoming these back like an old friend to our The Little Flame Co family, but with a new look and ease of use. 

A definite favourite for the lovers of softer scent but for longer and in bursts; a reed diffusers is so low maintenance and fuss, you don't even know she's there. Unplug and fix the lid putting your reeds in and she will work her magic. The high quality reed sticks absorb the fragrance and disperse scent without you even knowing it!

Flip your reeds FRIDAY - to add a bit extra to your space and home (we all love a bit extra don't we?!) flip your reeds once a week, the scent concentration will be higher on the end that has been in the fragrance mixture for the week.

Reed Diffusers will last up to 2 months + 

Diffusers bottles are glass which means YAY! recyclable. 

Warning: Keep away from children, pets and furniture. Be careful when opening, the mixture has an alcohol base that can effect finishes and fabrics. 

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