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Candle Refills

Soy Candle Refill Orders will be closed on November 5th 2021 for the Christmas season and will re-open in March 2021. 

We all have that dreaded cupboard in the house, full of empty jars, old candles, wax and bleh that we can't seem to part with or really love the jar but don't know what to do with it.... until now. 

The Little Flame Co refill service is all about repurposing those old empty jars (be it one of our brands, or someone else, we ACCEPT them all!) and making fressssssh candles for you or for regifting. 

Recycling isn't the only option!

We will wash and prepare the jar for you, all you need to do is;

- Deliver to Pop Canberra (before the 1st of every month for our monthly pick up)

- Drop or send to The Studio (email for further details) 

- Leave the following details in the bundle;

         - Contact Name

         - Contact Phone Number

         - Email address

         - Return shipping address

And we'll be in contact!

Upon processing (measuring and cleaning), you will receive and invoice AND Fragrance list of what is available at the time to choose and TLFC will ship completed orders back to you. 

Please note we DO NOT deliver back to POP Canberra completed refills, they are all shipped back to you for a flat rate fee of $10 (free for orders over $200).  

The Process - 

Upon receiving your empty jars, we will measure and send an invoice to you; including all of our payment policies. Upon completion of that payment we will pour and complete your order, shipping it back to you or you are able to have contactless pick up from the studio. 

Where to deliver? Drop your empties to our studio in Goulburn (email for further details)

Pop Canberra - 27 Lonsdale Street, Braddon - See Christa, drop in your bag of empties (don't forget leave a note with all your information as listed above) and we'll pick up on a roster (its subject to change depending on our event schedule). 

Not local to either Canberra OR Goulburn?! No problems, ship them to us! again send an email through and we'll help with all the details, packaging information and address to send them to. 

Return Shipping - $10 flat rate shipping fee Australia Wide regardless of the parcel size and weight. Don't require shipping? Happy to pick up from The Studio? fabulous, be sure to add that on your email or note with your empty jars. 

Invoice/Payment/Shipping - An invoice will be sent to your email address you provide at delivery time, when you leave them at the studio or ship them to us, this will include a break down of cost AND the shipping fee ($10 flat rate fee AUS WIDE) refills are now charged at $9.00/100 ml. 

Fragrances - Fragrances that are on our fragrance list ONLY which will be sent to you at the time of invoicing. We are currently experiencing a higher volume of orders across our services and a low amount of supplies available from the candle supply companies. We will do our best to fill your order as per instruction however will be in touch should we be out of stock of preferences. 

Normal payment policy applies, no payment - no pour. 



Can I drop the empty jars you to at any time?

Yes! Delivery to our studio address is welcome at any time through the week (work days or weekends) by leaving on the verandah with all your details in the bag/box (as above) 

Pop Canberra's opening hours can be viewed {HERE} please note that we pick up once per month, at the beginning of the month only if there are refills at the store. Currently, due to pandemic lockdown and travel restrictions we are unable to attend. Please consider shipping to our studio directly. Email for further information. 

When can I expect my refills to be ready for collection / shipping?

Refills will be invoiced of a Friday. The payment terms are 7 days, once paid and completed, your order will be scheduled for production the following Monday/Tuesday after due date. The candles require 48 hours setting and will be shipped out to you by the Friday of that week *this is subject to change depending on payment date/market demand/Christmas season*

What if I don't pay my invoice within the 7 day terms?

Thats totally fine! If you have changed your mind or require further time to complete payment, please let us know and complete payment when you can. Please note we won't pour until we have received payment for the order and it will effect your production turn around from original dates.

Fragrance List and Choosing -

Once invoiced, you'll receive a list attached of what fragrances are available for selection. Email if you do not receive it. Select by replying to your email with your fragrances. If this is not received your order cannot be completed. 

Are all Candle Fragrances you stock available?

No. Under the current circumstances with Covid there are a large amount of out of stock supplies and also, its not possible to offer refills for every fragrance available on our website; SO we are refining our offering in the second half of 2021 to offer you a set list of fragrances (the most popular and those in larger quantities) which will be sent to you at the time of invoicing. 

Can I pick my order up instead of shipping back to me?

Yes - please email or notify of your requirements and if need be your invoice will be amended to reflect these changes. 

How do I pack my empty jars to send into the studio?

Bubble wrap, paper and cardboard insulation are always great to use! We suggest you use whatever you can to insulate the jars individually as transit can be bumpy and rough at times, keeping the jars as far away from each other (cardboard inserts in between) extra padding and bubble wrap will protect it as much as possible. To check it wrapped as well as possible, shake the box after packing and its ideal to have zero movement within the box! 

Upon completion, we'll use as much if not all of what you sent to us!

Australia Post is the best way to send through to us. Talk to your local if you have any price or packaging enquiries. 

Do you offer discounts on refills?

No. Due to this process being very hands on and a lot of steps involved (pick up from drop off points in some cases, washing, cleaning and preparing and not having minimum quantities per fragrance) the fee for the service is fixed. 

How much for refills of the canisters?

We charge $9.00\100ml. For canisters as of 2021 new financial year it is $31.50 each canister. $16.20 for our matte black votives. 

Can I choose more than 1 fragrance when ordering refills?

Yes, you can choose as many as you like.

What jars won't you refill?

Any that are chipped, cracked or don't have a flat base. If the glass is too thin (some Kmart glass jars or wine glasses) will not be heat resistant and can crack so they will not be filled. 

When can I drop off candles to the studio?

Anytime. Please leave on the verandah, we are currently only contactless pick up and delivery. When you leave your bundle, ensure you have left contact details above to contact you. 

What happens if you don't hear from me?

We will intermittently email you after the 21 day schedule of invoice reminders (this is automatic through our invoice system). We will directly email you however if you don't reply and we cannot get in contact with you, we will eventually recycle your jars. 

Where can I drop off empty jars?

Either directly to our studio (please email for details) to Ensemble and Co in Crookwell, or Pop Canberra (27 Lonsdale Street, Braddon) but please note our pick up is once a month if we can in Canberra and Crookwell (Travel Restrictions and time availability being subject to change).