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Candle Class 2021

candle class workshops


     Candle Class 2021!


Ever wanted to know the art of blending and making your own soy candles? Tried in the past but haven't hit the mark? Have questions about techniques, temperatures and troubleshooting? Want to know all there is to burning candles perfectly and helping with troubleshooting?

We invite you to learn and experience the art of hand blending oil and wax and create your very own candles worth coming home to. 
A making tutorial as well as 2 ceramic canisters and your choice of fragrances to fill your home or space with your own moments of calm and joy. 

We've teamed up with a few fabulous small businesses in Goulburn and surrounds to offer you options for Candle Class!


- Local Events and Public Workshops - 


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- Private Workshops - 

In the comfort of your own home, we will come to you! Maximum attendees 10 people per class, we can cater to your needs and requirements for the day, please contact for further information and to discuss your event! 


- 2021 Update - 

No further workshops have been scheduled for after July 2021 due to Market and Christmas season. Please contact for further information if you are looking to book a workshop or host!