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The Canister Collection


In 2014 we had hit a pivotal point in our humble candle business; if we did not find something truly unique, something that set us apart, that something that took us to the next level; it would be time to move on from candles and see where else our life journey would take us. 

We were of the mind that all businesses come to this dawning moment; that moment that you know you will look back to in years ahead and say, remember when? well that was it - you know? We were reluctant to be making a call such as this because I loved to make, I loved my customers and community, the business and as always - the candles. 

To the drawing board we went to research, to test and research some more and the results were not cutting it - standard jars were not working for our business and we needed something amazing. 

A humble coloured kitchen canister doesn't sound much, doesn't actually even look that much until you add some special ingredients of passion, innovation, love and care to make what you know as The Little Flame Co Candle. 

Our initial designs consisted of what could get a hold of - brights (neons actually) patterns and plains. We were ecstatic at the result (even somewhat baffled that a candle which didn't so much as glow or reflect light, was not transparent or opaque but was solid ceramic, coloured and modern Scandi design, was actually really popular) BUT it was popular. 

Thus, the game had changed. 

The next supplies we purchased were pastels and white with gold features which basically changed The Little Flame Co's world. Inundated with orders, stockist enquiries and refill requests; markets were running 3 customers deep at the smelling counter awaiting to smell and feel the new products and get their hands on the latest colours to match their interior decor. 

Finally, we were onto something!

Fast forward to 2017 and our supplier was out of stock and not likely to reorder within a time frame we had to work with, different sizes were available with similar colours and patterns - what could we do? Another time to pivot. 

A struggler with optimism if anything this downturn in momentary fate opened space for several things - the awareness for me (the creative director ha!) about how much I loved what I did, loosing my doubt or shame or uncertainty or all of it actually and say, I love this job, I am passionate about what I do and I will NOT let this fail! It filled me with determination and also, it opened the space for us to be able to move to the next step - direct canister manufacture.

This then began our research, designing and sampling of our own, exclusive canister collection. 


* These are unlike our previous collection - why?! We wanted to create something individual, unique and NEW to us with the same style oak lid and coloured canister, because this is ours. The Little Flame Co jars. 

* Rough ceramic outer with matte paint, unlike anything we've had before. 

* 5 new colours - blush, grey, blue, violet and olive. 

* Off white gloss inside, deeper jar with a new defined shape

* Flat timber oak lids - previous to this we've used indented lids which were very beautiful and thicker however we are leading with a thinner, flatter lid still with a silicon seal for airtight freshness should you wish to repurpose and reuse. More on this feature to come.