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Clementine Ceramic Candle


Meet Clementine! She's a beauty. Fresh. Sweet. But not too much. Loves to lay in the warm sun in her vintage swimmers and oversized hat reading the day away. Never shy of a bright lip colour and refuses to waste time and energy that isn't anything other than JOY. 

Instant happiness for the nostrils but the feeling of JOY from the moment you light the candle. 

Citrus scents are known for their ability to uplift mood, focus the mind and basically make you feel lighter, happier and ZESTIER. 

Whether we're in the midst of winter or this transitional stage of Spring where nature doesn't know if she's cold, or warm or a little in between, every person needs a little Clementine in their life 🍊

Dimensions & Burn Time

Large Canister:
8.5cm x 10.5 cm (d x h)
Weight: 365g
Burn Time: 65 hours

Small Canister:
6.5cm x 8 cm (d x h)
Weight: 185g
Burn Time: 35 hours