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LAUNCHING Sunday 31st October 2021 - 8pm


A Collaboration between AshBrookeCreative and The Little Flame Co bringing the feminine form and beauty of natures scents together. 

Ash creates continuous and minimalist line drawings and together with the floral scented candles has made this modern and feminine vivacious collection that we hope captures the inner spring bloom as much as it reminds us of the season, re-birthing after a long winter and blossoming gently and slowly towards the summer and new year. 

3 art works and 3 fragrances that capture separate moods and vibes;

Lotus - strong and powerful and is not only pleasant to the senses but fruity and sweet; a very sensuous scent that is also meditative and relaxing. 

Peony - pretty and feminine and delightful as a fresh bouquet of peonies, a hint of warmth and citrus notes. 

Freesia - Fresh floral and depth with sweetness of berries and juicy fruits; soft and romantic.

50 hours burn time each approximately, hand blended and poured by The Little Flame Co in a white transparent votive glass that will leave you feeling after the candle glow has dimmed.  



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