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Diffuser Refill Pouch and Reeds


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Empty Reed Diffuser Bottle? Don't throw it out, buy a REFILL!

With no need to return your empty diffuser bottle to us, instead we'll send you everything you NEED!

The pouch with solution and fragrance of your choice and a fresh bundle of reed sticks are all you need to zest and freshen up your space. 

Pouch holds 140ml of diffuser solution, reed bundle x 10 rattan sticks. 

If you've decided to stick with the same fragrance - YAY! all you need to do is carefully decant the liquid in the bottle, change over the sticks and VOILA, new diffuser. 

Made the decision to change fragrances? Warm soapy water, clean out your jar, wait for it to dry completely and follow the steps above. Type "new label" at checkout if you want a fresh sticker too! We get it, matchy matchy important and the right label is ESSENTIAL.