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Matte Black Candle Care Accessories


Candle Care accessories to maintain your candles and get the most out of them. 

Before you light your candles, trim your wick. Designed to trim to the RIGHT length (and no need for you to measure or be concerned about it, other than to trim) and for the wick to fall onto the trimmer to discard (no messy fingers and no need to touch the burnt wick!) leaving you with a strong wick, no mushrooming OR soot and longer burn times. 


Snuffers! Not just a pretty little accessory (well, they are that too!) like their sibling, the wick trimmer, the benefit of snuffing is;

  • You won’t blow melted liquid wax out of the pot
  • The wick won’t smoke and ruin the scent in the room
  • Blowing out can push the wick down into the liquid wax (and further issues when relighting again)
  • Debris from the wick stays in place for when you need to trim, and also keeps the candle wax clean. 


Wick Dippers

Smoke free, cleaner option for extinguishing candles. Flame is put out immediately and eliminates smoking, sooting and no smokey smell afterwards. Re-coating your wick which strengthens and adds hours to your candle and burning time!

Dimensions & Burn Time

Large Canister:
8.5cm x 10.5 cm (d x h)
Weight: 365g
Burn Time: 65 hours

Small Canister:
8.5cm x 10.5 cm (d x h)
Weight: 365g
Burn Time: 35 hours