Why wick trimming is the new black....

It is isn't it? I mean, caring for products to get the best value from them. Sigh. I know its BORING. Most of us (my hand is up here, I'm not brow beating anyone) don't trim our wicks and burn the candles over the recommended time frame (it's 4 hours for those who didn't know). It's life, we're busy, we're multitaskers, we need to do all the things, all at once. I get it. I am standing right with you. 

BUT, if you take a few steps, and add these to your rituals of lighting candles and making a cup of tea before you grab your latest book obsession, you'll get SO much more out of your candle products. I promise. 

So, to be quick, concise and not at all dragged out....

  • Trim your wick EVERY time before you light that candle. Why? It won't overheat (soy wax is by nature softer and has a lower melt point - safe yes - but if the wick is long and mushroomed your going to burn it quicker than recommended time frame. True story.) We sell trimmers in the shop click here or you can get fancy and grab a tissue OR be a hero like myself and use your fingers, just watch the black stuff on white clothing. Yuck. Can ruin nice items.  
  • Keep the wax clean. As much as you possibly can. The beauty of lids is that you can lid them after use (blow that flame out first though, right?) It will prevent dust and bugs and all things nasty getting in. Make sure your wick bits aren't in it either. Eww.
  • Only burn for 4 hours at a time - this is where things can get tricky. 4 hours is optimum, 5 hours is ok too. But make sure you monitor it. The ceramic and glass jars get HOT! Which can be unsafe but also, if that jar is heating up, so is your wax and its burning quickly. Also, over burning will make your jar go black. NO ONE wants that. So just keep an eye on it. 
  • Make sure that you burn so it pools to the edges. Again, this is tricky but so vitally important for your candles and value and use - oh my! Make sure you leave it for 4 hours on the first burn. The memory will then be created which means the rest will burn beautifully. I'll give you tips in a future post about how to save a tunnelling candle.

I love candles. Love them, and I make them. Every day. There are so many layers to this for me (like an onion, note: I watch Shrek a lot. 3 kids and all) the rituals, the softly lit spaces, the scents, the memories, the rituals - I just said that didn't I?! I class myself as a bit of a candle nerd, so if you have questions or queries, problems or issues - talk to me. I love to help AND I want you to get the best burn out of your candle, the most value for your money and the warm fuzzies that I get when I light one up. Its not life changing, but its moment changing. I'm all about those moments. 

C x 

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