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This is "Us"

Cheyenne Heath

Posted on May 31 2020

Wow. Its been a hot minute since our last post (about 2 years, but, um who's counting?!) Ok, Channy, Channy is counting! 2020 has been a complete wash out so far and we are quite ready to be through this chapter, and you know what, we are getting through it. Together.

Whilst unsure how to treat this space, but with the feeling to nurture it and grow it present and niggling - we have so much know how, tips and tricks about our products, the behind the scenes stories AND most of all, stories of the people we consider family to share with you. Stockists. Friends. Lovers of The Little Flame Co. Our people. Our community. 

And to be quite honest; if anything through this time, it has created space for contemplation and creation which we now believe it is time to do something special and crazy and share, starting with well, us. So here it goes.   

This Is us. 

I feel like you know us quite well already. Or me at least. I've always said I'll introduce Nic later and well, I never have. So this is the story of Us, him and me, me and him and the business. 

Nicolas. Nic. Nico. Nicky. The Mr. Whatever you know him as, or whatever you call him. He is the man behind the incredible stall spaces, the neatly packed and well positioned boxes (alike Tetris) in our ute and trailer. He is the mastermind behind the studio renovation. The swift kick in the motivation when its night time, we're all tired but have to get 100 candles poured. He is also the happy face behind the market stalls, you may have seen him, because this guy, LOVES to sell a candle. And why not?! He is there pouring them, designing the canisters and working on their creation, etching their lids up until all hours of the night. He is there too. You just don't see him as often because he works full time and this is his side hustle, but just quietly, he's pretty passionate about it. He throws a whole lot of love and care in when we package and ship out boxes and parcels, he blends the oil and wax by hand too! Let us just say, The Little Flame Co is pretty lucky to have this mastermind working behind the scenes for it. 

And then there is me. Cheyenne. Chan. Channy. (Oh Channy! for when I've made a mistake). The face, the creator, the candle lover, the scent obsessed maker. You'll find me on the regular on Instagram stories (I must say, I love it. I have ever since I had the guts to put my face on the screen. There have been many posts deleted. There have been many cringey moments, and there has been tears and emotion.) You'll also find me in the studio, my creative place.  

We started nearly 9 years ago making and creating the candles (I read a quote somewhere - probably Pinterest, it is my go to for inspirational quotes and motivation! - that if you are not embarrassed by your first products, then you started too late! HAHAHAHA. I used Quattro Staggioni preserving jars for my first product release. Pasta sauce jars.... yep. I'm pretty embarrassed. 

2018 saw the dawn of necessity for us to move out of the house to create the candles, and by luck friends of ours in Bathurst NSW were selling their old site shed. She needed some love. She needed to move, and boy, did we need her. 

2018 also showed us that it was time to start creating our own canisters and that YES we could do it. With plenty of triumph and a lot of adversity, we set off in the adventure of a century (for us anyway!) to create and make our own collection of canisters for our candles. Stressful stressful times, yet they arrived and we love them completely and how they got here. 

2019 saw changes. So many changes to our "normal". New events, new friends, new stockists. NEW candles, it was a lot. 

And now 2020 has really shown us what is important in our lives and that candles are actually here to stay. 

Cheyenne Heath 
Creative Mastermind and Visionary of The Little Flame Co. 

Goulburn NSW. 

The Blog. 

With all intents and purposes, we are bringing back the blog to share our knowledge (tips and tricks for wicks and wax), new product releases, collaborations, events but most importantly and excitingly, our stockists. Introductions of the people that sell our candles (basically TLFC family), where they are (so you can find them) and a little bit about them too! This will be the space for you get more information, spend more time with us (we know, its ok, we love you TOO!) and chill out. We are all about rituals and the encouragement of slowing down. X


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  • Karen: June 01, 2020

    Thanks for introducing us to your husband. What a great team you are!

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