The Little Things - August

Wow. What a month. It's been COLD and we've all been horribly ill. Thankfully the trees and flowers are blossoming and Spring is on the horizon. We have a new candle scent and have tried on many attempts to beat those winter blues. 


Heading out early in the winter sun with Max to introduce him to the Geese and their gaggle (it's gaggle isn't it?!)



August arrived and with it so did the wind. On several occasions in-between the wind gusts I raided some local wattle trees.   

For good reason. Our newest scent to the TLFC family is Golden Wattle. With its beautiful buttery florals, it not only makes you happy when seeing it, it lifts the mood whilst you are burning it. 

This was the coldest day yet and I was kind of annoyed that the Mr hadn't been home the previous day for lunch, I'd asked him to do some product shots with me and some photos of me with Wattle. Anyway, 2 days later and wind gusts to boot, he certainly snapped, and mum life intervened. Max tends to like to do all the things, but not wearing jumpers, so in the middle of being the working mum on a Saturday morning, here I am telling Max firmly that he must wear a jumper...


On a very beautiful Sunday I was invited to have a candle party. More on this to come in its own blog post. 



Cherry blossoms not only SMELL beautiful, they have the colour to boot. I hosted a dinner to celebrate a birthday of someone dear to our heart and of course, a very special birthday dinner requires all the linens, blooms and candles I can muster. 

Thankfully, August is over (not that I have a hatred for August or anything, its just the last month of Winter) I love winter until its here so I'm happy to say, ciao! As a mum, I am looking forward to more outdoor play, opening the house to let in the sunshine and fresh air, more fresh blooms (its tulip season too!) and of course, more candles!

C x 


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