The Creative Conversation - Part 2

Cheyenne Heath

Since my first post, I've had a revelation (which is actually quite surprising seeing as I'm writing this about 20 minutes AFTER my first blog post - what can I say?!)

So yes, I've had a bit of a bright idea mixed with seeing the light, research and concluding that, hey, you follow me, your obviously interested in candles, the work and inspiration behind them, the hustle, why I work in my laundry and call it a studio (a girl can dream, thats why) and all the things that are actually a big thing called, The Little Flame Co. 

Yes, I was right, there is a LOT of information I can share with you (our Orange trip was quite the adventure - thanks for asking hehe) but I'm going to keep it simple and keep it to a few things - The Little Flame Co Candles (I know, thats a biggie) my stockists (y'know, where you can find them and maybe if we're lucky some stories behind them too, because they are really great people and I think you'll love them as much as I do) business (so much possibility there but mainly my experience with it, my struggles - working from home being one, and anything that you may want to know about or questions you may have) and anything that is in conjunction or relation to candles - I've been thinking, researching and plotting and in actual fact, there is a lot we can talk about! 

I think that will keep you and I busy enough - am I right?! I'd love to share recipes and discuss crochet projects, but that's a completely different blog and I'd rather share this, my biggest passion of all, with you.

So, here it goes, I'm going to "try" and write a blogpost a fortnight, its manageable, until its not where I will then reasses. I'm going to share it on social media and I think maybe, somehow, somewhere you will be able to subscribe (I'm so bad with technology, and I'm working on it, promise!) and I'll even remind you in the newsletter that I never send out IF you subscribe to that! ha. With all of that in mind, good intentions firmly in place, let's begin the conversation...

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