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The Little Things - September

Cheyenne Heath

Posted on October 09 2017

September was a crazy, crazy month. It always is, I find. Must have something to do with hibernation and wind. We stepped out from under the grey clouds of winter expecting to find warmer weather and longer days. Unfortunately the change of season hasn't been as quick as we hoped (it's not just me is it?!). Wind, cold temperatures and lighting the fire still occurred in our household this month, which was a great way to hold onto the last breaths of the cold weather. Mostly this month I made candles. Lots of candles. 


TLFC hit a huge milestone this month. August was all about birthdays and sales but September was all about realising that it is no longer a 1.5 person gig, it is actually time to outsource some work. As they say, many hands make light work. As a mum of 3 with a husband that has been doing some big hours this year, I've been hustling to the point where I haven't been spending as much time with my family or on myself as I'd like to.

I am a huge believer that what you need will come to you at the right time. Whilst preparing for Handmade I was listening to the Creative Biz Rebellion Podcast. Iit so great to shake it up from Spotify music to a podcast, its kind of like being in an office or meeting discussion... but not. The episode was all about 'knowing when its the right time.' Of course I absorbed what was being said whilst busying myself with pouring and it didn't occur to me for days about what I needed. I think, if memory serves me correctly, the moment was mid meltdown with my husband because I was overwhelmed with work and what I had 'to-do' and so I made the decision then and there. I was going to hire a virtual assistant. 

 So that's what I did. I haven't looked back. 

Whilst, I know miracles take time and I don't expect that I'll be having my 2 days off per week and delegating all my administration work to my assistant, the work we have covered over the last month has been such a help. We are working towards a symmetry that I am ever so grateful for. I found Jess via Instagram with her sewing vlog/blog (@jessicalorraine01). I have such an interest in handmade clothing and those that are sustainably creating a wardrobe (don't get me started I could talk about this ALL day!) Anyway as time went I found out she offered virtual assistant services via @lorrainevirtual. Remember, what you need will come to you. Thank you universe and thank you Jess!



As always, I am ever so grateful for Handmade Canberra. It makes my heart sing being able to exhibit my handmade wares to people who are becoming well known to us but also to new customers. I also love the community feel with fellow handmakers alike. We have applied for the Christmas market, which brings a shopping night with it. I will keep you posted on this progress. 



I love creating (obvs!) and with the perfect mental conditions (anxiety kills creativity) I began to make all the things. These Jumbo Tea lights were one of the many products that came out of it. Now, I make it no secret that these jumbo tea lights are may *favourite* product. They burn for 9 hours!! They aren't huge, instead offering a soft scent and a great valued way of testing fragrances before you buy the real thing. We've all gotten home from shopping, purchasing that beautiful expensive candle and realised it wasn't like it smelt at the shop (I've done this with clothes too by the way) or on a different day it doesn't smell like you thought. Whatever! It happens. These are the answer. I'm awfully proud of them. 



For the next week we are offering 10% off the purchase of the Jumbo Tea Light tester packs online only. Use "LOVETEALIGHT" at checkout. 

For now, we begin the preparations for Christmas *cringe* I know, so early but as people in retail know, prepare early for the onslaught that is last minute shopping. Terribly exciting though! 

C xx


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