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Meet Ash

Cheyenne Heath

Posted on November 01 2021

5 Quick Questions...

MEET Ash from @ashbrookecreative the talent behind the minimalist and continual line art of our latest collaboration that launches Sunday 31st October at 8pm on the website.    

“I work in creating continuous line, minimalist line drawings and painted artworks in both commission and collection formats for all art lovers!” Ash's ethos is to create art just for you to cherish forever which reflects the personal nature of the many artworks  she creates.    

Having begun continuous line drawing in her final year of art class (not the best timing according to Ash leading into our first pandemic year of uncertainty and initial lockdown) she hasn't put down the pen since.    

A website platform will be available by Christmas 2021 where you'll find her collections of artworks for sale, apparel and a line of tattoo flash.    

2022 looks promising for the budding young artist where she hopes to diversify her artworks, release more prints and the possibility of an art showing is on the horizon for her (super exciting!) that you can look, love and buy on the spot.   

What Brings you Joy?

For the past few months and especially leading into warmer weather I've been making my breakfast (usually yoghurt with granola and kiwi fruit - weird combination, I know!!) and sitting outside on my front patio in the sun. It has been setting the tone of my day, even my week!   Something that definitely does set my soul on fire is travel - I can't wait to get out and up and down the coast to my heart's content, I won't be missing any more moments!!    

I definitely also get the most joy out of swimming - doesn't matter where it is, as long as it's a body of water and I can be there as long as I like! I crave it - ask my friends, it's all I can talk about sometimes!

What was the last book you read?

None Shall Sleep by Ellie Marney - I could barely put it down, and had a seriously twisted plot! Lockdown has actually been so good at getting me back into reading, it's being able to get back to doing something I love with a little extra time on my hands. Next on my list is Blood and Honey by Shelby Mahurin!

What is your favourite part of the work day?

definitely wrapping up all my artworks, adding a little 'thank you' bundle to orders, and making them all gorgeous and prepped ready for me to deliver! I also definitely find a little guilty pleasure in bulk priming canvases - something about it just lets my brain switch off, and printing off shipping labels - makes me feel very official!

What does Bloom mean to you?

After all the talks I had with Cheyenne about our shared vision for the candle collaboration, it felt like a floral, feminine and vivacious vibe was the perfect one - one that resonated with both of us, and hopefully with everyone who will buy one! Most of my artworks draw in on the feminine form and the beauty of nature in all its forms, so this was something perfectly different for us both to work on together!   

Before Cheyenne approached me, I had never even considered the idea that a candle collaboration was something that I could branch into! It felt like the perfect fit, and candles are always something that I have grown up in cherishing, and were always a pinnacle in gift-giving! In fact, the lotus scent was picked because it is my absolute end-all for candles. 

The first candle I ever got was a lotus scented, and no other scent will compare in my eyes (also I am VERY much partial to Channy's Jasmine and Sweet Pea!!)

What is your dream holiday?

My dream holiday is a Europe tour for 6 weeks, ending in a few weeks in Egypt followed by a few weeks in Greece! It has been for as long as I can remember, never wavering and always in the back of my mind!  

This was the plan for my gap year (did not go according to plan - goodbye gap year 2021, hello uni!) but the first chance I get, you can trust that I'll be sunning it up on a beach in Santorini.   

Ash will be opening her website soon post will be edited and updated  but for now you can find her on Instagram @ashbrookecreative 


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