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Cheyenne Heath

Posted on August 27 2018

 soy candle refill revolution

#plasticfreejuly is well and truly over but the awareness around waste/disposable/single use is not. As much as I would love to say I've been #winning with the battle of waste, I have my downfalls - I only human, my friends. 

But rather than set HUGE expectations and overwhelm ourselves, its definitely the little things that we can do. 

Since the beginning of TLFC time, I have offered refills. I honestly feel like I BANG on ALL DAY about it and over advertise (but it has been brought to my attention that no, Cheyenne, you haven't and you don't) GREAT! more opportunity to SPAM you with something I am ever so passionate about. 

Currently our refill depot's (that is, the places that you can deliver your empties for pick up by myself and Max, where we will clean, measure and refill into another beautiful candle and all by hand!) are Barton Flower Bar and Flowers With Love Jerrabomberra in ACT and locally in Goulburn is directly to me at The Little Candle Studio. 

So what's the deal-e-o with refilling empties?

- We will take your empty jars that you have accumulated (the ones from us or even if they aren't, we will refill them!) and wash, measure, quote and provide you with a price. 

- They are then prepped and turned into NEW candles in your old jars

- We deliver them back on our delivery dates to the place in which you dropped them off OR local Goulburn pick up is also available (for my locals y'all)

What we don't do is;

- Swap an empty for a new jar and new candle

- Fill on the spot

- Fill if your jars are cracked or damaged because ain't no body want harm to come to you or your space

- Measure on the spot

Why is it so good?

- We all have "that" cupboard, space, bag or area where we put our empty candles, waiting for an idea of inspiration to hit us of what to do with them. 

- You don't have to throw them out. I mean, recycling is a GREAT idea and most of our glass jars are recyclable and all of the jars are re-purposable. 

- You can fill with ANY fragrance we have available, and if you are wanting something particular that I don't stock, I'll get it in for you! Time delays do occur but it'll be worth the wait!

- #waronwaste we are doing our bit.

- It is also really cost effective. Rather than buy a candle in a NEW jar, why not use that other jar you love so much and turn into another candle. Of course, I'm always happy for you to buy NEW candles but this way, you can save. 

Our refill delivery dates are available here and are subject to change, depending on markets and or other commitments but generally, I stick to it where I can.

Here are some quick tips for your new fresh candles;

- Always, always trim your wicks (eye roll, I know mum, yes mum) but seriously, they will keep for longer, they won't overheat, turn the jar or the wax black and its safer; mushroomed wicks create overheating which depending on the candle or brand will weaken your jar and make them too hot to touch = DANGER.

- Keep that wax clean; free of dust, debris, wick matter and dead bugs (mainly in the cooler weather but I have fossilised some daring bugs in my time and YUCK)

- Burn for 4 hours at a time; it saves the wick from mushrooming (see first point about trimming), it creates a candle memory that allows an even burn right the way through but burning to the edges and creating a wax "pool" and it also prevents over heating and weakening the jars. 

I will always leave you a note to remind you but freshly poured candles should not be burnt for at least 24 hours after pouring. It all takes time to set and settle, the fragrance becomes stronger if setting time is optimum thus giving you more quality. 

the little flame co soy candle refills

Now, go, clean out that cupboard of all those empties and deliver to a depot near you!



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