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Ready, Scent, SELL!

Cheyenne Heath

Posted on September 30 2018


                                          “And hope, if it had a scent would smell like spring, like rain, like something new and alive.”

                                                                                                                            'Jennifer Rush, Reborn'

 The Little Flame Co Soy Candles and Jess Grashorn Real Estate Goulburn Selling and Scenting your home


Spring is finally upon us – YAS! It is time to throw open those windows and doors, clean out the cupboards and pack away all of those heavy blankets and throws (well, apart from us Goulburn Folk, we should probably keep a hold of those for a while longer, a trick for new players it won’t be warm until November for sure!) and SPRING CLEAN.  The warmer weather is a definite motivator to remove all of that stale stagnant air and energy and welcome the new!


Another pastime for many brought with this season is readying ones home for sale – I mean its picture perfection with blossoms, green grass (sometimes) and the sweet springtime sunshine, would wouldn’t want to buy amiright?!


A question I am asked quite often is – what fragrance should I burn during open houses and inspections?


Now, let’s remove the pressure (because there is a lot of emotions flying around when we sell our homes as well as deadlines; and if you have kids, trying to keep rooms tidy is probably the HARDEST thing to do – I get you friends, I’ve been there with little kids and it’s an anxious nerve wracking time!) so along with my top tips on scenting your home I’ve also been chatting with Jess Grashorn of Ray White Real Estate in Goulburn to give you her run-down on readying your home.


It’s going to be quick, easy and we are all about less drama and MAXIMUM impact for all the senses.  

 Jess Grashorn Real Estate and The Little Flame Co chat selling houses and what the perfect scent is for open homes


“I can’t stress enough how important presentation is when selling your home!” Jess has worked in real estate for six and a half years, lived in Goulburn 27 years has an eye for detail and a knack for presenting homes to their fullest and most beautiful potential.

“There is always this big lead up with marketing ad getting the home ready for photography and actually getting the buyers to the open homes/appointments to inspect, the last thing we want is for them to be disappointed when they do arrive. You only get one shot at this so give it everything you’ve got!


It’s the little things that count and it’s SPRING after all so it is the perfect time to get motivated and a few little tips that I recommend to my clients are; -


  • Clean homes sell!! I know, I know, it’s not rocket science but attention to detail is important. I would even recommend having a professional cleaner through and help initially and then you can maintain during the marketing campaign.


  • Those little maintenance jobs – if there is a loose tile, leaking tap or ripped fly screen, get it fixed! It’s a minimal investment for big return. When buyers see the little things aren’t up to scratch they start thinking, “what BIG things am I going to discover?” generally something that you could do yourself of a handyman can help with, is worth doing.


  • First impressions count! Obviously your agent will take care of the last minute touches like turning on lights and opening curtains to allow as much natural light in as possible, but there is nothing like a fresh bunch of flowers (She Follows Floral Design Bunches for $30) and a candle to give your buyer appointment that little something special.

 Open Homes and Perfect Home Fragrances with Jess Grashorn Real Estate and The Little Flame Co


With the initial aesthetics handled -  let’s get down to scent. It is an important feature of any home, being open, inspected or lived in.


  • Firstly (and most importantly) make sure you aren’t masking any BAD smells, this is anywhere from a full bin to mouldy/musty smells. Find it at the source because people can smell the candles and fragrances but it is guaranteed they’ll SMELL you trying to cover up something more sinister too!


  • Light those candles at least 1 hour prior to the open home. It will give your candle enough time to heat and melt the wax and the scent to filter through your designated areas


  • Go with subtle and gentle – the sensory glands are in overdrive anyway and rather than adding to that go with only a few candles placed in the larger areas of the home or at the door, the middle and back door to create the flow, the scent will travel at its own pace and delightfully so.


  • Choose one scent – keep it simple. There is only a short time frame that your prospective purchaser will be walking through the home and possibly with other people doing the same, accessorising rooms with scents is fun but with traffic and movement this feature can definitely be jumbled all into one and cause a negative impact if not an impact at all.


  • When in doubt – choose citrus, it can be a blend such as green tea and lemongrass or just the straight lemongrass but citrus scents have a lasting and positive effect on people which adds to the effect you are wanting to create in having open houses/inspections. Its fresh, clean and pleasant and will leave them with an everlasting positive effect long after they’ve left.



Jess Grashorn Ray White The Little Flame Co Soy Candles and She Follows Floral Designs Blooms



As always keep your wicks trimmed to avoid the smoking masking all your efforts and keep up high away from little hands or possible accidents occurring.  



The Little Flame Co Soy Candles and Jess Grashorn Real Estate Goulburn chat scents and selling your home this spring at Harvest Goulburn



Now you have all the know-how and go-to steps to readying your homes for sale and opening them up to purchasers; below you will find my recommended citrus scents, all of which currently are the best sellers! There is also a little DISCOUNT code below;



Citrus Blends to burn when selling your home     Citrus Blends to burn when selling your home



Crushed Lime and Sea Salt

Coconut Lime

Green Tea & Lemongrass

Lemongrass & Persian Lime 


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  • Merrilyn Serong: November 04, 2020

    I have a severe medical reaction to scents, particularly artificial ones. I have gone to inspect houses with scents in them and have had to leave instantly. I am not the only one affected. Thought you should know.

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