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Happy Birthday To Me!

Cheyenne Heath

Posted on August 04 2017

This month, August, marks 5 years leading a creative making hustle. It wasn't always a business, I was side hustling for 2 years before I decided it was time to give up the 9 to 5 and either make or break my creative dreams. But all in all, 5 years of doing something I love, creating. 

To congratulate myself, unfortunately, I've given up alcohol for the month (have I got the smarts or have I got the smarts?!) but to say thank YOU for all your support, love, purchases, positive feedback and fan girl or boy-ing over that time. I'm having a little sale on the website. 

For the month of August 10% off your entire order. All. Month. Long. Yaysies. Hit it up people. Enter "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" at checkout. 

In other news, I'm soul searching, plotting and organising myself into processes and procedures to provide you some more consistency with advertising and my blog. Blogging in actual truth, scares me. Do you like what I'm writing? does it sound ok? am I providing you with quality content and you can take something from?! Look, I don't know, but I'm going to keep providing it and growing with this side of the business until we can both work it out. 

My hopes for the blog - The Little Things - is a monthly post because that is achievable at this current time particularly with the looming Christmas season upon us (yes, I know, August but in retail you have to be in front of that 8 ball, not running along with it) and a forecasted production requirement. I also hope to provide a behind the scenes, authentic look at what I do and how I do it, business-ie things that may be useful and helpful to others wanting to break away from the 9 to 5 and do something different, and also, all things candles. Because, that is what I do. I would love feedback though, always, so I can grow and you can get something out of this. 

Anyway, before I over-think what I've written and get blog post shy, I'm sending this baby live! I hope y'all have a great windy weekend. 

Enjoy X



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