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That Spa Experience!

Cheyenne Heath

Posted on July 29 2018



Its winter. We are all busy (not to glorify it more than it already is) our priorities change, the kids are sick, the husband is away, you have no one to look after the kids for an hour. 

Humph. Exhausting. 

To re-claim the peace and push out the crazy from time to time, I indulge in a bit of an at home spa experience (sans the massage) and honestly this is not weekly nor monthly thing, its just when I need it! Now if you too are in the "Mum" boat, which means you have kids and you are running around after everyone else and you are more often than not, the last on the list, OR if its none of the above but you feel run down -stressed - tired - I'm talking to YOU! No, we can't all afford to go to the Spa (no money, no time, no energy - bleh) but it's the little things that we can do that make ALL the difference!

Here are some tips or options for you to try to re-vamp your self care routines or add some Spa Experience to your time out bathing ritual -

1. Light those candles!

Candles add a gentleness to the mood but it is much deeper than that - candlelight is mesmerising and calming which can reduce stress and bring about a self-awareness which is an important addition when we need to reset or unwind and check in with our bodies. 

Scents are a personal preference however the go-to for relaxation are lavender, lemongrass and most recently I discovered something spicy can be helpful to some too! (Below, keep scrolling; I have some Spa pack options that may be just the thing to those that need to refill their candle supply or don't know where to start!)

2. Add some Epsom salts to your bath - not only does it relieve muscle tension, detoxifies the body, it can ease stress and promote restful sleep! 

3.  Put on a mask - we are at home but we can indulge and pretend we're not right? Cut up some cucumbers if you have them for your eyes and slather yourself in a mask!

4. Add some music - instrumental music has a great way of slowing us down and bringing about an awareness particularly in times of stress and can also help before bedtime by promoting relaxation and inducing sleep. If its not your thing though put something on you love to listen to and that calms your soul!

5. Relax and unwind. 

Below are some scent packs for a spa experience at home whether you enjoy a bath and taking time or your in need of some scents that promote a calm around the home. 

Sea Mist - for the fresh lover of the sea, it might even put you off into a daydream of being on the Coast!

Lavender Cucumber and Sage - This is the whole spa package in one. Calming, soothing and relaxing!

Chai Latte - For those spice lovers! Apparently, spicy scents are quite relaxing - who knew?!

Neroli and Ylang Ylang - for an ultimate flower experience why not try this strong lady. 

In celebration and gratitude that you have visited my first blogpost, enter "UNWIND" at checkout to receive 10% off Spa Packs. 




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