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Collaboration with The Planner Academy

Cheyenne Heath

Posted on August 14 2017

From time to time, someone reaches out to me with an idea. An event that needs something extra. Something special for those attending, a keepsake. 

Personally, I love the idea of tea light favours. Aesthetically on point, value of product (9 hours burn time from one jumbo tea light, I mean come on, how many baths can you have to fill 9 hours?! someone test that and get back to me) of course, but there are deeper workings of scent. 

Smells ring bells. Scent is the closest sense linked to memory unlike sight or sound. Off the beaten track a little, when I was 11 I saw Titanic for the first time. Blew my mind. Hello Leo. But more to the point, I would burn in 'ye old fashioned oil burner, "Oriental Musk" I don't know why, its all that was available to me at the time. So without actually knowing what I was doing, I was cementing memories of the movie and also my slight obsession (ok, not slight I bought all the dolly magazines known to man, or girlfriend same same, if Leonardo DiCaprio was on that cover with Kate Winslet, I would beg my mum from the fruit isle to the freezer section to buy it for me. I was pretty persuasive I must say, that or I wore her down with begging. Whatever, I was just in it for results!) I would burn the oils to remember that time when I went and saw that movie, experienced the feels that went with it - I was 11 remember so it was a pretty big thing. The years rolled on and the posters were taken down from my walls as I grew and my obsessions changed.

Whenever I returned to burning oils in my room, particularly in the cooler weather, sometimes I'd burn Oriental Musk and there were the flooding of memories of whatever was happening in life back then but also, the movie, my undying love of Leo - it was real ok?! basically, it was a transportation back in time to relive in bursts of something I held quite dear. There aren't many other ways to do this. Have you ever thought about what particular scents mean to you?

This is pretty powerful stuff.

The Planner Academy are holding their wonderful event on 9th September in Canberra. Creativity and Organisation don't generally go together in my household, messy messy creativity with the chasing my tail trying to be organised under a desk of paper. If you are like me, then you should consider this event, as there will be tips and tricks to organise and plan yourself in a creative manner but so much more (like brunch!) beautiful products, planners and you will receive a tea light from us as well as being immersed in Champagne Strawberries on the day. Cementing memories. for more information on the event and tickets. 



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