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Wick Mushrooms - How to Stay Out of The Dark

Wick Mushrooms - How to Stay Out of The Dark

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Mushroomed wicks. 

What is this magic, you ask? And why am I being kept in the dark about it?

Before you light that candle my friends, we need to trim that wick!

Cotton Wicks...

in particular, will burn down - yet not all of the wick will disappear. It rolls upon itself within the flame whilst alight, which is called mushrooming. A by product of wick burning and wax heating. Other wicks; wood wick for example, or taper candles have an excess yet only soy candles experience the wicks mushrooming. 

Totally normal. Completely fixable. 

Trim that wick. 

Cutting the wicks:

By cutting the wick 1-4 inch (or .6mm for us Aussie metric counterparts) will strengthen and allow a clean burn. Each and every time. 

Do I have to?

Well, no. You don't "have" to however if you don't the following can occur:

Overheating - soy candles perform best when they burn at a certain temperature which allows the heating and release of scent. If the flame is either too large and too hot, the heating of the wax increases causing more wax to melt, more scent to evaporate and the jar to overheat. Thus continues the vicious cycle. 

Smokey wicks - GAH! no. Honestly, we don't want that AT ALL. Smoke (whilst soy is designed not to let off toxins and don't as they have no harmful additives or ingredients - more on this later - it can still disrupt the scenting of the space) and its a clear indication of the candle burning for too long and yep - needing to trim the wick. 

Hate having black soot around the jar? same. 

By maintaining and trimming the wick you are ensuring a longer burn by controlling the heat of the candle. This is also maintained by only burning for 4-5 hours at a time. Doing this, the jars won't get too hot to handle (safety 101) and it won't heat the wax at a faster rate. 

The wick and wax will burn cleaner - some soy candles and *some* wicks will fizz and spit (again, dangerous and no! just no) and by doing so will dirty the wax - burnt wick bits fall into the pool, discolouring and effecting the burn and scent. Replace the lids when blown out too as it keeps out dust (and dare I say it, other matter such as bugs!) from getting in, clean is always key!

Burn time averages are about 45 + hours for The Little Flame Co Soy Candle in a canister. In soy candle years, this is gold. And who doesn't want a packed of Tim tams that never runs out??

It may seem all too difficult difficult, lemon difficult but, trust me - we've got this. We can do it!

Before you light the candle (each and every time, create the habit and ritual and soon it will become second to none) cut or break off the excess wick. That is all there is to it. Discard and enjoy the light. The Scent. And the cosy. 

The Device - you didn't know you needed....

Trimming wicks with your fingers? 

Only to realise that YOU NOW COVERED IN CANDLE SOOT?!

Same, Flamer, Same. 


The fuss FREE way to trim your wicks, trim to the right length every time and keep that candle burning stronger, for longer. 


Designed for ease in mind, they trim the right length from the get go (the cutting part has a way to measure, put the bottom on the wax and trim, its 1/4 inch or .6mm if you prefer) sleek and modern in the matte black and the perfect arm candy for your candle on that shelf, you'll never have to trim or break wicks with your fingers again. 

Purchase in our online store, when you buy over $100 worth of candle products you'll receive our wick trimmer FREE in your bundle. 

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