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The Seasonal Ceramicist - 5 Quick Questions

The Seasonal Ceramicist - 5 Quick Questions

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Some people you meet, are just JOY aren't they? I know, I know. Forever talking about joy and everything is JOY to me, which is exactly what I want from my life, but I'm serious. Emma from The Seasonal Ceramicist is just that to me; from the products we create to the conversations we share and the catch ups over our favourite dishes at Some Cafe in Collector. 

There are some things I do really miss about not working with people (chat's around the water cooler, Friday night drink at the pub on the way home, the jokes and laughter!) so I consider Emma a collaboration partner but also, a work mate and friend. When you run your own creative business its about the love for what you do (we would give up a 35 hour a week job for someone else to work 70 hours for ourselves happily. I've done it twice in the last 12 months!) so that love is poured into everything and when you find someone you can work with that feels the same about their work, its just MAGIC!

It's been 3 years of collaborating (the beginning obviously very different to the present!) and we've found this groove but we're also creating something you LOVE! So here is a bit more about Emma, where she's at and where she is going and some Joy before Christmas. 

Emma, The Seasonal Ceramicist, runs half day ceramic workshops teaching hand building homewares or decorating jewellery in beautiful locations where the main focus is that creativity and eating cake. She also sells her own clay creations through her online shop and markets. 
After shifting in 2021 from mostly teaching to making and selling her own pieces instead during lockdown but for 2022 aims to restore that balance and return to workshops, creating and selling online and build her new photographic print work which was launched in lockdown in October 2021. 
Having a new creative outlet and range is enjoyable for Emma (and a change from clay!) diving into 2022 she is apart of a curated online ceramic exhibition with a Sydney gallery in February which is exciting way to kick off a new year!


5 quick questions:


How do you find joy?


Baking and gardening. As long as the cake rises and the possum hasn't eaten my vegie plants. Then it isn't so joyful! 


What is the last thing you read?


It was 'The Unlikelihood of Being' by Dr Alice Roberts. All about how the human body has evolved over millions of years. Apparently our spine still has a way to go evolutionary-wise  - it hasn't completely adjusted to us walking upright yet. That's why so many of us, including me, have back problems! 


What is your favourite part of your making process?


Making with the wet clay and changing it from dirt to a pot is magic. There are many, many steps with ceramics, but a lot of them I find boring, like sanding. I'm a bit jealous of my students in that they just do the fun bits in the workshop - and I do all the boring stuff to finish their pieces for them. 


What are you planning for your Christmas table?


Hopefully lots of barbecued fresh vegetables from the garden and a great deal of cheese. I love smoked salmon at Christmas and a fancy dessert. I'm eyeing off a big tub of creamy Cassata from my local Italian Deli for this year's dessert. 


What is your dream holiday?

I'd love to head back to the UK and into Europe with my kids and visit lots of castles and galleries before the kids get to old to want to travel with us. 

Our next launch goes LIVE next Sunday night at 8pm on and this is our last for 2021 (we're both looking forward to closing the book on this year from all of the homeschooling and work from home juggles!) Sign up below for the notification list - which gets sent directly to you FIRST, so you don't miss out. 

We make in small batches, seasonally, so numbers are limited. 

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